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You came, you saw, you conquered! Now what?

Make any talk work for months to come with “Repurpose your talks!

You’ve already been there:

You recorded a fantastic podcast. You had a high-energy interview on a live Facebook show. You presented a killer speech on stage. You want to keep that energy going, right?

But what do you do with it now that you’re off air?

A crucial mistake speakers make is what they do after the show! They do an incredible job sharing their upcoming appearance, but once the big event has come and gone, the appearance just slips away.


Enter: a repurposing game plan.

There’s absolutely NO reason you shouldn’t continue to make this kick ass appearance work for you long after the you’ve gone off air!

And I’m going to show you how.

Repurpose Your Talks!

With “Repurpose Your Talks!”, you learn all the steps you need to make your guest appearance work for you long after you’ve gone off air…for SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization, friends) and beyond!

“Repurpose Your Talks!” gives you:

  • Social media post templates you can plug-and-play with scheduling tactics and tips to implement up to 6 months into the future
  • A Pinterest technique you can’t believe you’re not using yet
  • How to implement the talk (podcast, video, etc.) into your blog

Nitty gritty deets:

Your rights for Repurpose Your Talks! are as follows:

  • You can use Repurpose Your Talks! again and again for every talk you’ll ever give.
  • You cannot sell, share, or give away Repurpose Your Talks! to others.
  • You can share Repurpose Your Talks! with your VA for use only in your business.
  • You get lifetime access to Repurpose Your Talks! If we update it, you get the updates! (Because you know SEO is an ever-moving and changing target!)

The rights of Repurpose Your Talks! are owned by Kim Bultsma and A Cup of Content and are not available for resale.

“Repurpose Your Talks!” MOdules:

  1. Social Media Posts. Kim explains the initial strategy immediately following your talk and provides plug-and-play templates you can use to get started!
  2. Embedding the Talk on Your Website. In this section, Kim explains the importance of embedding the talk on your website, as well as a resource for transcribing your talks, whether on podcasts or in video!
  3. Using the “Golden Nugget Templates”. Kim explains what “Golden Nuggets” are, the importance of their strategy, and provides plug-and-play templates you can use to write your posts.
  4. Social Media Scheduling Tactics. In this section, Kim discusses some tactics for scheduling the posts you wrote in the last module, advice on social media schedulers, and a calendar template for scheduling out those social media posts for at least 6 months.
  5. BONUS: Pinterest Technique. In this bonus module, Kim shares how you can utilize everything you’ve created thus far to boost your overall SEO using Pinterest.
Who is Kim Bultsma and A Cup of Content?

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I couldn’t have done it without your training and guidance. Not only do you know your shit, you also care about our businesses and want us to succeed. That’s why I love you!!

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Repurpose your talks!

It’s time you started making all that awesome content you have floating out there on podcasts, talk shows, and the like start working FOR your business and your SEO! With Repurpose Your Talks!, you’ll start driving more traffic to your website and generating more interest in your business today, in 6 months, and for years to come!

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